If you’re trying to create the wow factor in your home, using wallpaper on a feature wall or even around a whole room can look stunning. Doing the wallpapering yourself, however, can be tricky and time-consuming and can leave you with a patchy finish. Our skilled tradesmen can give you a smooth finish to your wallpaper. We can also advise on the quality of the wallpaper and how much to buy for the space you’re looking to cover, and check whether the quality of your walls are up to scratch or need a bit of TLC first.

Lining paper for walls

If you need to create a better finish on your walls to be able to paint over, you can consider lining paper to give a smoother feel. It’s best to discuss with us first. We’ll visit your property and assess the walls so we can advise on whether plastering or lining paper is the best solution.

Feature walls and full rooms

Probably the most popular use for wallpaper is feature walls. These are one or two walls in a room which stand out with a strong print. But increasingly, with bolder interior design trends emerging, people are opting for whole rooms wallpapered, which when done properly can look stunning. We’re happy to quote for small or large wallpapering jobs. Ring or text us for a quote.

Wallpapering examples

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