ARTICLE: Get the Cheltenham look #2 – The interior

Interior painting & decorating

ARTICLE: Get the Cheltenham look #2 – The interior

Aug 21, 2017 | Interior painting & decorating

In our previous blog post we looked at Cheltenham Regency style properties and their external features. This time we’re looking into interior design trends in Cheltenham, from Regency grandeur and simple Georgian homes, to wild takes on the period properties.

There’s no denying Cheltenham is a seriously trendy town and whether you’re stepping into someone’s home (and we see inside a lot of peoples’ homes) or a local coffee shops or hotel you’re sure to find some brilliant style and décor. We’re always inspired by our customers and the design choices they make.

You have to have confidence to choose bold wallpaper or strong colours for your home, but if you do, you’re sure to get compliments flooding in from friends and family. Let’s take a look at some of the classical and not-so classical styles you can go for in Cheltenham.

Three areas you can work on for the Cheltenham look

True Regency interior style

If you have a Regency property you may want to achieve a sympathetic period look within.

For walls, early Georgian schemes included dark shades of burgundy and sage green. Moving into the Regency era, and later, the colours became lighter and included pea green, sky or Wedgewood blue, soft grey and dusky pink.

Mouldings were part of the period and you may have them in your property, from ribbons and swags to classical figures and urns. If you haven’t got any mouldings or are in poor condition there are companies that do replicas.

Simple, unfussy, Georgian style

Georgian style in general is characterised by having harmony and symmetry, airiness, space and light, pale colour schemes and woodwork and delicate furniture.

The Regency properties in Cheltenham are slightly less grand and formal. They still have the clean look of the era, and a certain grandeur but are more modest, without the elaborate mouldings and heavy panelling.

These can be decorated quite simply and elegantly, either in period style, or with a fresh and modern edge.

Regency gone wild – mixing up old and new

Another noticeable style around Cheltenham is what we’re calling ‘Regency gone wild’. The grand architecture lends itself to bold styles and statement artwork.

No. 131 in Cheltenham mixes bold interiors and modern art with period features and intricate mouldings.

This style suits larger properties, but you could consider making a statement in one room of your house, such as the entrance hall or dining room. Try incorporating bold printed wallpaper, modern art, over-sized light fittings and flashes of bold colours like emerald green.

At ProGlos we provide painting and decorating services to homes across Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding areas. We’re experienced at dealing with period properties and we are sympathetic in our approach. If you’re considering some decorating work get in touch with us for some advice and a quote.

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