ARTICLE: 5 benefits of painting the exterior of your property

Jul 28, 2017 | Exterior painting & decorating, Scaffolding

Not everyone has a painted property, exposed bricks and mortar is still a popular choice, but many homes in the UK are rendered or have a surface that is painted. Some houses have half, or a small part of the property rendered and painted – either way, it’s a good idea to keep up with the maintenance of painted walls.

Getting the walls repainted every 5-7 years is highly recommended for a range of practical and personal reasons, from protecting your house and extending the life of the walls, to simply making it look beautiful as walk up to it.

Top five top reasons to get your exterior walls painted

Protect it from the elements

Keeping exterior walls in good condition will protect them from the elements. Each year your home gets battered by rain, wind, sleet and snow and baked by the sun during those rare sunny UK summers. Exterior paint is designed not only to look nice, but to create a protective layer. Over a period of years this will get worn away and it will need repainting. We recommend getting it done at least every five to seven years.

Give your walls (and windows) a longer life

Regular painting will ensure your walls stay in better condition and have a longer life. With wooden window frames and doors you’ll need to consider getting these painted regularly too. Window frames that haven’t been treated properly can start to rot with the rain and wind. Ultimately it will be much more expensive to get frames and sills replaced. Better to get them painted every few years to extend their life.

Increase the value of your house

It stands to reason that if your house looks great when you walk up to it, if it’s clean and isn’t showing water marks and signs of degrading, that it’s going to appeal to potential buyers. They also appreciate that the property has been well-cared for and is in good condition. If you’re planning on selling your property any time soon, why not check out our previous blog article – How to create real “kerb appeal” to sell your property

Create a brand new look

We’ve already mentioned white paint, however when it comes to exterior painting the world is your oyster. We recommended you keep it light and fresh; although there are some areas around the coast where bright colours like yellow and deep blue look stunning. In general, if it’s a Cheltenham style townhouse, or a country cottage, then tones of white, pink, cream or light greys and blues will work well. Apparantely pink external paint is going to be the next big trend. By choosing a new paint colour, or painting window frames in a contrasting colour, will give a brand-new look. You can even consider a brightly coloured front door!

Give a fresh, clean look to your property

Just as we like to have a beautifully decorated home inside, it’s nice to walk up to your own property and think, ‘wow that’s looking nice and smart’! The exterior of your house is the first thing people see but we often forget about it – we don’t stand back and look, we’re all busy rushing out and locking the door without a second look. White external walls look fresh, clean and smart. New paint will cover water marks, discolouration, and any stains from items like hanging baskets. In summer, flowers stand our beautifully against a clean, white backdrop and reflect the sun creating sun traps.

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