Bring Mediterranean external paint colours into suburban Cheltenham

It’s the perfect time of year to give your property a face lift. Outdoor paint is the fastest way to smarten an exterior and stamp your personality on your home or business.

With so many colours to choose from, where do you start?

It’s important to pick colours that you will be comfortable with for years as it is an investment. This will make your house stand out from the crowd with stunning curb appeal that will turn heads. Equally by keeping your walls, railings, windows and doors in good order will significantly prolong their lifespan.

Wall colours

Cheltenham External Painting - Meditteranean wall colours by ProGlos Decorating

When choosing the colour of the outside of your house, treat it as you would the inside. Get samples, test big patches and look at the contrast between colours as they appear in the daylight.

If you have a favourite colour in mind go a shade or two darker for the exterior paint to give a contrast.

French grey or sage greens look great against stone and are still popular with Cotswold stone.

Equally against a white canvas or wall, the traditional Cotswold colours remain a big hit.

Door colours

Cheltenham Exterior Painting - Meditteranean door colours by ProGlos Decorating

At this time of year woodwork can also lose its vitality and look worn and drab. Our varnishes, stains or paints will bring them back to life.

If you want to go bright, you can never go wrong with an array of greens, aqua and yellow. Or how about coral? Lending a beautiful depth of deep glow.

Not forgetting the most sought-after colour of the moment, a beautiful calming grey.

Cheltenham External Decorating - Aqua and grey door colours by ProGlos Decorating

Railing colours

Cheltenham Exterior Painting - Railing colours by ProGlos Decorating

You can rarely go wrong with railings in traditional black, off black or blue-black, or dark grey colours in full gloss.

A classic wonderful deep dark blue for front doors remain popular.

Chocolate, not only nice to eat – not so loud as a black, can give the feel of an authentic early-Georgian front door colour, it’s worth looking at.

Cheltenham Exterior Decorating - Railings colours by ProGlos Decorating

We are here to help make the right choice; call today for a free quote to give your exterior property the boost it needs