Exterior painting & decorating

Painting the exterior of your home can make a significant difference to the lifespan of the walls and, if done properly, will last many years. Periodically painting the exterior of your property will also give your home real ‘kerb appeal’, leaving it fresh and clean looking for those all-important first impressions. At ProGlos we are experts in exterior painting and everything that goes along with it.

Preparation and external repairs

If we visit your property we’ll first assess the walls and windows themselves, and we can advise you on any preparation work that needs doing. This could include damp treatment, replacing rotten window sills or repairing the render. Getting the preparation right will ensure a quality finish, but more importantly it will protect your home and extend the life of the paintwork significantly. We’ll always keep you informed and provide you with a quote for any additional work before we start.

Doors and windows

If you’re giving your external walls a refresh, why not consider painting your wooden window frames and doors too? Frames and doors painted in contrasting colours to the walls can create an effective and smart look. But more importantly, painting window frames and protecting them from the weather will extend their life and helps to prevent rot.

Exterior Painting & Decorating Examples

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